Moonlighting Voice

Join me as I start my voice career on the side.

Starting Out

How to Narrate an Audiobook: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you’re getting started in voice acting, it can be tempting to decide to narrate audiobooks because, “It’s just reading, right?” Well, I did some research and the truth is, no it’s not. How do you narrate an audiobook? A lot goes into narrating an audiobook. You need to be able to act. You need […]

Voice Acting as a Side Job: 9 Tips to Succeed with VO on the Side

The difference between doing voice acting on the side and doing it as a pro is that, as a pro, you have to be available at a moment’s notice. If an old client needs something voiced urgently or a current client needs you to re-record something, you need to be ready to do that, ASAP! […]

Voice Acting for Fun: 9 Sure-Fire Ways to Have Fun With VO

If you want to have some fun with voice acting, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll look at 9 different ways that you can do voice acting just for the fun of it. Some of these suggestions are just zany, crazy fun for entertainment, others are a great way to develop […]

Voice Acting for Kids (Quickstart, Gear, Tips & Tricks)

My nephew told me that’d he’d also like to get into voice acting so I did some research to see what it takes. I was also on the look-out for gear, tips and tricks specific to kid voice actors. Here’s what I found. To get started in voice acting as a kid, you’ll need some […]

Can Kids Be Voice Actors?

When I told my 13-year old nephew that I wanted to start doing voice acting on the side, he told me he also wants to get into it. So then I wondered if kids can be voice actors. I did a bit of research and this is what I found. Yes, kids can be voice […]

How Many Hours Do Voice Actors Work?

If you’re considering getting into voice acting as a career, you might have wondered, like I did, just how many hours voice actors work. I did some research and crunched some numbers and the answer is pretty unsettling. How many hours do voice actors work? It varies because each hour of “good” audio can take […]

Why Do Voice Actors Wear Headphones?

Some voice actors swear by using headphones while they record and others swear by going “naked” (no headphones). In this article, we’ll look at the main reasons why voice actors wear headphones so you can figure out if they’re a good fit for you. Why do voice actors wear headphones? Voice actors wear headphones so […]

Why Do Voice Actors Use Aliases?

Some voice actors use aliases and I was wondering why. I did some research and found some surprising (but solid) reasons why voice actors use aliases. Voice actors use aliases (or pseudonyms) for a range of reasons, including: Avoiding union penalties and expulsion. Avoiding professional confusion. Their real names are too common. Personal branding. Separating […]

Is Voice Acting Dangerous?

I’ve wanted to “get into” voice acting for years. Now that I’m starting it as a hobby, I wondered how dangerous it really is to be a voice actor. I did some research, and this is what I found. So is voice acting dangerous? Yes, voice acting can be dangerous, especially if you’re doing voice […]