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Month: February 2020

How to Narrate an Audiobook: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you’re getting started in voice acting, it can be tempting to decide to narrate audiobooks because, “It’s just reading, right?” Well, I did some research and the truth is, no it’s not. How do you narrate an audiobook? A lot goes into narrating an audiobook. You need to be able to act. You need […]

Voice Acting Warm Up Lines: These 27 Exercises Have You Covered

If you’re like me and you haven’t yet got your “warm up” routine nailed yet then fear not, I did some research to help us both. The warm ups in this article will help you improve your diction & enunciation. If you practice them a bit every day, you’ll have an easier time reading scripts […]

Voice Acting Warm Ups: 17 Exercises to Get You Ready to Go!

My voice hasn’t been feeling great lately so I decided to do some research on voice acting warm ups. Here’s what I found. A lot of the warm ups you’ll find for voiceover and voice acting are also what singers will use to warm up their voices. Your voice is your main tool for doing […]

Voice Acting Software: Free Downloads as Good as Paid Software

When you’re starting to do voice acting on the side, you probably don’t have much of a budget for software and gear. There’s no way to work around buying a good mic but you don’t need to spend anything at all on voice acting software! According to data on voice actor profiles on (Source), […]

Voice Acting as a Side Job: 9 Tips to Succeed with VO on the Side

The difference between doing voice acting on the side and doing it as a pro is that, as a pro, you have to be available at a moment’s notice. If an old client needs something voiced urgently or a current client needs you to re-record something, you need to be ready to do that, ASAP! […]

Voice Acting for Fun: 9 Sure-Fire Ways to Have Fun With VO

If you want to have some fun with voice acting, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll look at 9 different ways that you can do voice acting just for the fun of it. Some of these suggestions are just zany, crazy fun for entertainment, others are a great way to develop […]